San Pedro de Atacama Today Morning Walking Tour

Are you looking to get the most out of San Pedro in just a few days? If you think football, conspiracy theories and mummies sound like an intriguing combination for a city tour, we think you will remember this 2 hour walking experience. This tour’s grand finale is a deep dive into the San Pedro cemetery… A tour where you should expect to learn why San Pedro is the epitome of magical realism, why our lovely village has fewer pharmacies per capita than any other in Chile, and how tourists can be less touristy.

10am: Plaza de Armas

Find your bilingual freelance Wally guide waiting for you in the middle of the Plaza de Armas in San Pedro. Discover why a Belgium Jesuit priest is one of San Pedro's most important contemporary figures. Father Gustavo Le Paige might be controversial, but his archeological excavations helped put the Atacameño cultural identity on the international map.

11:00am: Police Station

If you are wanted by the law, do not stop here with us as we discover how hallucinogens, cocaine and medical plants are part of the past and present. Luckily Chilean police are not corrupt and rather friendly even if the clandestine party organisers in the desert tend to disagree. We will also show you the best restaurants for dinner, from the most Gourmet to the most local.

11:15am: Football & Foreigners

Afuerino is what they call everyone NOT from here. It is a little negative but discover how to act less touristy on this tour. Chile's most famous hobby (football) happens make our country quite famous, especially Mr. Alexis Sanchez. Learn how Sanchez helped us win 2 consecutive Copa America titles and grasp the generational divide between football optimists and pessimists.

11:45 am: Cemetary

Why are the smaller crosses located at the front of the cemetery? Why are there relatives with different spellings of the same last name? Why is Gustavo Le Paige controversial for the Atacameño people? These questions might not have answers, but a few conspiracy theories will attempt to find the answer.
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