Offbeat Santiago: Morning Walking Tour

Together we discover Santiago's fresh fruit, veg, fish (and everything in between) market. We bounce off the tourist path and we will interact with true Chilenos as they hustle over the capital city, tasting, smelling, bartering and bantering. This tour's grand finale is a visit to the Cementerio General (Santiago general cemetery)... We told you this is not your average tour! But we'd be loco not to share this wonder with you. A tour where you should expect the unexpected and discover what it is like to be a Santiago local.

10am: Esmeralda Neighborhood

Find your bilingual red and white striped Wally guide right outside the Bellas Artes Museum. We begin the tour in Parque Forestal and then head over to the Esmeralda Neighborhood learning how the city's heart beats. Then we wonder on to “La Chimba” (the other side) of the river. By now we will most likely have one of our lovely tour dogs as a companion.

11:15am: Mercado Central and La Vega

Next, we follow our senses to the markets where your mouth will begin to water seeing the fresh catches at Mercado Central. After we head across the bridge to La Vega and live a typical Chilean morning exploring the authentic fruit and vegetable market.

12:00pm: General Cemetery

After a short ride on the metro, we head into the cemetery! We’ll discover that the cemetery is a contrast between burial grounds fit for kings and small graves stacked on top of each other. We have stories to tell of the people buried here and funeral traditions.

1:00pm: Hit the Bar!

The tour ends on a high. By 1pm it’s time to hit a bar… that’s an acceptable time for a drink right? Well it is in Chile, so take in ALL the culture my friends.
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