Atacama Rainbow Valley Day Tour

    What's Included?

  • Transportation
  • Bilingual guide
  • Passenger transportation insurance

Of the many picturesque places to visit in Atacama, few pale in comparison, or areas beautiful as the stunning scenery of Rainbow Valley. Named for its' multicolored rock formations and comprising of rich flora and fauna, it is a photographers' dream. Our day starts with a drive westward, towards the Domeyko Mountain Range where we will make our first stop at Yerbas Buenas. This town boasts of a rich history in rock art, with it's pre-Columbian ruins advertising a number of ancient petroglyphs still visible in the rock. Notice the common themes represented in the artwork as we take a guided tour of this quaint little town, it's history and traditions coming alive. From here, we cross over to Matancilla, where the spectacular color palette of Rainbow Valley comes into full view. A short walk and some quality time spent to take photos and enjoy the scenery is our reward for venturing a bit further than the average traveler. Our journey concludes with a drive towards the small town of Río Grande, where we will get a chance to bathe in the river, all the while examining the colonial style architecture displayed in the streets.
  • Park tickets. Pay at the entrance of the parks.